Friday, 18 January 2013

Web Developments

Originally posted on the Reckless New Media website.

The big web development news of the last couple of weeks has been the creation of, which aims to document the various features of web browsers. The site itself has the support of the vast majority of big players - Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Opera, HP, Facebook, Nokia and the W3C - the only area of shaky coverage being the fragmented mobile browser market (although some people might argue that currently that's the area most in need of documentation for what does and doesn't work!).

Certain eagle-eyed viewers may also notice that Apple's logo is conspicuous by it's absence on the website, unlike all the others - possibly raising a wry smile with those who take an interest in Apple's dubious 'support' of open standards.

The announcement's unlikely to set the majority of internet user's pulses racing, although it may mean an exciting future for web applications as a little more time will be able to be spent on adding impressive functionality and a little less on adapting it to run in the myriad of weird & wonderful web browsers available.